Elegy to my Mother


Louise M. Hart

Your body betrays you

It is a ghost of its former self

A crumpled hand

Caresses a toiled brow


Not long now

Not long now


But, you are a warrior

The bearer of two

You have watched men

Come and go


Infants and oafs, in skin

Thinner than the curve of your lips

Narrower and shallower lives

Than the hips that bore me well


Mother, I love you so


I am joyous in your presence

I laugh and cry in equal measures

In bursts of simultaneous ebbs and flows of emotion

That sooth and reveal how I feel about you


You fill my days with thoughts

Rich and deep

Invade my dreams

Whilst in the froes of sleep


Mother, you made me

So, now, I shall make you


In words that rhyme eternal, wondrous and true


Big Bren gets Shaved, 8th July 2017

We watched the Big Man being shaved

My pocket containing ten pounds

And Michelle

With her illusory beard

But I bought 2 drinks, anyway

“It’s a beautiful thing,” I thought

“Sacrificing your hair for charity”

And the lamb remained in stillness

Like a 21st century Buddha

Whilst anxiety gripped me

Like a gynaecologist’s fist

From the bottom of my empty pocket

To the nicotine tips of my conscience

My Mother and I had argued, you see

Before I left home

So I fooled myself that I wasn’t all bad-

Pneuma in a cage of beer and cigarette smoke

But smiled, like Satan’s symbiotic sister

Until Patrick walked me to the bus

And my smiles became tears, I didn’t shed

Mother’s Day

Today is Mothers Day, the day when British people celebrate and honour their Mothers. Thus, I present for you a poem about the complexities of a daughter’s love for her Mother.

Mother, you personify the best and worst
Of nature’s universe.
You bore me naked
Then you covered me.
You proclaimed my existence to be serendipitous-
Until I ran out of luck.
You nurtured a seed
Which developed like a weed
Refusing to flower
Into a grown-up.
And, thus, I destroyed the bloom of my own exterior
In order to make me feel nearer to you
Than to being alone.
You filled my tears with smiles
Every cry presenting as need.
And, now, I inhale the air
Liking a choking mist
My existence shortened by each deadly hiss
Of lung penetration.
Mother, I like your soul
But, not your hair
I eat Mums, because I care.

Every Mothers Day, there will stand in my Mother’s house a vase of flowers bought by me. Love you, Mum. x