Speaking about mental health and recovery, Jan 14 1-3 p.m. 2015

I am giving a FREE TALK about mental health and recovery on Jan 14th 1-3 p.m.

If you are interested in non-medical approaches to mental health/illness or my journey from mental health service user to published writer you are welcome to attend.

The talk is taking place at:

The Thrive Centre

5th Floor, Coventry Point

Market Way


To book a place (places can be pre-booked only)  please email marionaslan@aol.com  or  sarah.shelton1@gmail.com

Tele Marion: 0793 4675237

For more details visit http://www.elementalwellbeing.org


My Thoughts about Becoming a Published Novelist

Discovering this week that my first novel has finally been published has elevated my spirits upon an air of equanimity. What, now that my destiny has been fulfilled, should I do next?
I shall endeavour to reinforce my belief that we all people deserve a platform for self expression. This, for some, may derive from their experience of producing a child or working for their community. For others self expression constitutes involvement in politics or the affirmation that others are listening to them. My own means of self expression has always been guided by the pen. For, even when rendered voiceless in psychiatric institutions I have managed to write. Although, the nature of my writing has, sometimes, withered under the strain of depression or hit the heights of florid over-expressiveness, it will always remain an authentic transposition of MY own psyche.
Having written a book I have challenged my debilitating sense of under-confidence and defeated the disease of lethargy, which like a cancer, has infected my ability to function, during the twenty years I have spent stoned on prescribed anti-psychotic medication. What ever the future holds I shall always write.

My novel is about the process of psychotic relapse; it depicts suffering from the inside out. Although it is not autobiographical it is informed by my own experiences and, like me, stands aside and laughs at the silly profundity of it own insights. Do not be too dismayed, I have, also, been told that it is very funny!