Awakening Time

Awakening Time


Louise M. Hart


In exchange for my mortality

I was sentenced to purgatory

Shunning the luxury of life

I escaped the descent of death

Yielding no being no body

No voice or breath


Today I stand on insentient land

For I would rather be insentient

Than subject to death on demand


O’ children of life I banefully cried

Deserted earth

And parted the sky

And whilst the goddess above

Beckoned my love

The demons below

Seduced my soul


Torment chose their eyes

Hers winked

Like the stars

Above which she knitted

A complicit pattern of survival


Awaiting the world’s arms

Lay a shadow of dreams

Supporting humanity’s potential

For spiritual need

A need forever on the periphery

Like an infinite why

Conceived from the loins of a materialistic lie

And nurtured in the garden of truth


The awakening time is here

This life is queer

My awakening





Fate or Coincidence?

Without boring you with the details, a simple memory lapse, last night, may have saved from me from unintentional electrocution. Had I carried out my usual bedtime routine, I might, now, be with former comrades of the psychiatric couch in the great asylum in the sky. Thus, I, subsequently, lay in bed, thanking the God(s) for smiling upon me, for projecting through my psyche the power of self-expression and creating for me a soma, with which to experience that which is concrete. Or, maybe, my survival had been attributable to coincidence. Either way, I am glad to be here tonight, writing my blog and speaking to beings I do not know, about matters which, only fools claim to understand. I am not a fool, but I like pretending to be! Why not join me and pretend that you understand, too.

Cardinal Sins?

Call me a “liberal softy,” for I have been burdened by experiencing a touch of sadness about the plight of Cardinal Keith O’Brien. Replacing my initial outrage by the remarks he made against equal marriage and gay people, is a sense of embarrassment that in 2013, people should be so appalled by his admissions of homosexual practice(?).
I cannot overstate the following: Although I am not a Catholic, I fully support the rights of all people to follow their chosen religious/spiritual paths. However, whist it was in accordance with the doctrine of the Catholic church, for the Cardinal to resign from his post, I believe that all people, regardless of religion, should practice greater empathy towards those who, for multitudinous reasons, feel unable to open their closet doors and proclaim their sexuality to a world, which can be more judgemental than accepting of “difference.”
I am particularly concerned about the welfare of lesbians and gay men whose desire for social acceptance, often leads to self-destructive urges and lifestyles. Suicide rates among gay men in the U.K. are particularly high and homophobia is a factor in substance addiction and the psychological distress of many in the LGBT community.
Whilst social equality seems to all rightful thinking cynics a utopian dream, accepting those whose lifestyles do not correspond with our own is essential, if we are to build a more egalitarian world, based on the model of liberal democracy.