On the day of Daniel Day-Lewis’ triple Oscar success, I would like to recommend a film which, over forty years ago, recieved a nod from Oscar, himself. “Morgan, A Suitable Case for Treatment,” (1966) was a highly successful and much publicised film set in a London that swung to the rythmns of the mini-skirt and Pink Floyd. Directed by Karel Reisz, whom I had the pleasure to see at a Q and A session at university in 1991, the film is shot in grimey black and white and depicts the story of a dreamer amd outsider, for whom psychosis offers an escape from the chaos of his own life.
The film was written by David Mercer who, though largely forgotten nowadays, was a leading British playwrite in the 1960’s. As a young person in the 1980’s-1990’s I discovered and subsequently fell in-love with Mercer’s writing; his preoccupations with social class and mental illness mirroring my own. Nowhere were these preoccupations more evident than in, “Morgan, A Suitable Case for Treatment.”