My New Novel!

Let me tell you a story.
A few months ago, I was up in the night. Sitting on my sofa, with a coffee for company, inspiration flashed into my consciousness with the acuity of an indelible moment of insight. Awakened from my slumber, I accepted inspiration as a friend and let her reveal the nature of her sweet delights; a plot for a novel, linear and clever, based around a central thematic. Ideas, like moving images, projected into my mind. In nature, they were almost filmic and within minutes I wrote notes about their content. Remaining, when I had completed my notes, was the outline of a story which, I believed, demanded to be written. It was not any, old story, but a story to be read by children. Children! I am a childless writer of grown-up fiction. I would have to adapt to the shifting tide of my own imagination!