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I am an English writer and poet, with my head in the clouds and my feet on solid, Scottish ground. For twenty years, I have been affected by bipolar disorder, experiencing order in the words that I write. My world is sometimes dark and grey, occasionally it is purple, however, there is always room enough within for all who hear the call of my writing. Perhaps, you, also desire the power of the pen or the allure of a laptop. Welcome.

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  1. Hello Louise. Is that your real name or a pen name? Just wondering. You are brave to share your experience of this disorder…tho I see that you must.. to get up each morning. I get it– Anyway, how is one clinically diagnosed as bipolar? Are brain scans done, or is it solely a behavioral analysis by a psychiatrist? I think it runs in my family (genetic?), but no one (to my knowledge) has pursued a diagnosis.

    • Yes, my REAL name is Louise! Thanks for following my blog. Bipolar disorder is diagnosed by psychiatric evaluation which, I believe, is only necessitated when symptoms become negatively impactful on the behaviour of those who experience the disorder and the people around them. Brain scans remain inconclusive. Despite all the recent publicity, it is quite rare and though debilitating for some, is more treatable than some other mental health problems. I do not think you should become too “hung up” about family genetics; anyone who can get through life without medication, I believe, is doing okay!

  2. Agreed. Simply “okay” has been the triumph, really. It took a physical move, alone, from old lifestyle and patterns of place I grew up to a place known for healthy, outdoors-oriented lifestyle…mind-body-spirit, etc. which I adopted and built on. I am a wellness freak, but in pretty good company here. Now trying to counsel my sister back east to help her young son kick his mood meds. Winter is especially rough, here, tho. My resolve weakens..

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