‘Mixed Episode’; ‘Care in the Community’ by Louise M. Hart (Poet) FreeSpace #3




Mixed Episode

by Louise M. Hart


Through the eons of my suffering
And the perpetuity of my pain
Dissociated from the familiarity
Of shared meaning and consensual reality
The spectres of madness
Misery and mislead mentality
Fuelled my moral shame

Lost in the wilderness of unceasing mental flight
And the fight to still the rapid thoughts
That summoned my ecstatic anguish
And melancholic blue delight
Like a whore I surrendered to the tremors
Of the merciless and entrapping night

I dismantled my pedestal
Only to be captured by the arms of jailers
Paid to seal my fate
To be the accused in a never ending trial
Governed by the hegemony of The State

Whilst my body became secured
Within a hospital ward
Policed by nurses and hate
My mind
Formerly determinate and solid
Fragmented into a thousand fragile parts
Each with no knowledge
Of the others
And belying my…

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Why are we Apathetic?

What is left? community


Louise M. Hart

In 1990 I started university. Joining a small but influential group of student political activists, I did not turn the world red but actualised my belief system and tried to make a difference. If the propaganda machine is to be believed, young people feel more disengaged from politics today than ever before.

Attributing voter apathy to the inadequacies of the mainstream parties and the present political system is at best teleological. The political climate merely reflects the wider ideological state of society and infrastructural influences on the way ideas are generated. Young peoples’ apathy mirrors the nature of dominant ideology.

Just as the media destroyed Ed Miliband’s credibility as a leader, it contributes to how we view the political process. If we are fed the same information over and over again, we are more likely to believe it. During the run up to last week’s general election…

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