WEEKLY SERIAL: Luna (the bipolar superhero) by Louise M. Hart ~ 25/08/14

Supporting the world’s bipolar superheroes



Luna screamed for 24 hours. When she stopped, her throat felt as though it had been cleansed in holy water. Words kept sliding into her mouth, like honey flavoured saliva. Her eyes became two mahogany suns, which illuminated reality with newly discovered depth and intensity. Thomas Manfred removed his ear muffs and stared at Luna in awe.

“You have never been so beautiful,” he said with a sigh. Luna launched into a karate chop.

“We have much to do and little time in which to do it,” she said. “Listen closely…I shall say this only once.”

Thomas began hanging out with the kettles, mental health service users who congregated in cheap cafes and parks with their delusions and other friends. He engaged, but remained selective about what he said. One day, he asked Fifi, a twenty-stone loner with personal hygiene issues, why she never looked…

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From Robin Williams to a bipolar superhero

The world mourns the loss of another hero. Yesterday, actor/comedian Robin Williams was found dead at his home. Initial reports suggested that the star of Mork and Mindy and Dead Poet’s Society had taken his own life.
Williams who, reportedly, had recently experienced severe depression, is the latest famous casualty of a disorder which claims dozens of lives daily. The disorder, aka, mental illness affects 1 in 3 people at some point in their lives.
When digesting the devastating news, I noted with more than a hint of irony, that the latest instalment of my online serial about bipolar superhero, Luna had been posted that very day. In contrast to highlighting the stark reality of the effects of mental health issues on the individual in the empirical realm, my serial depicts bipolar disorder as extraordinary. Luna’s bipolar elevates her above the homogenous, “sane,” masses. She is both gifted and cursed by her superhero abilities, bipolar 1, 2 and her own, 3.
Influencing the apparent contradiction between the nature of the existence of mental illness in the real world and that present in my fictional universe, is my belief that mental distress signifies a heightened and superior consciousness. At times of great distress, we access thoughts and emotions prohibited to those whose demeanours are more emotionally stable. During these times we undergo an internal battle, whose outcome may or may not be dependant on our brain chemistry. Robin Williams lost his battle, but Luna is doomed to win hers. Like Robin’s performances, fiction does not have to reflect reality, but, rather, makes life more fun.

Luna (the bipolar superhero) was initially published on http://www.artificecomics.com
NOW you can follow her adventures on imaginalist, please see my previous post for the link.

WEEKLY SERIAL: Luna (the bipolar superhero) by Louise M. Hart ~ 04/08/14



“He’s a little shit, but I wish he would walk through that door now,” said Thomas Manfred. They had not seen Jamie Riddle for two days. Usually, he was as compliant as a well-trained dog, returning home at least twice a day for medication and dinner.
Luna’s intuition spoke, shattering the glass of red wine she held in her hand. She flicked her hand in the air and liquid flew from her tawny brown skin, splashing the floor like paint on a blank canvass. Thomas jolted out of his seat and attempted to tend Luna’s wounds. “Save yourself first, then, maybe you can think about saving me,” scoffed Luna.
A pair of killer heels and a leather cat-suit called to her from her wardrobe. She replied, leaving home twenty minutes later, four inches taller and slightly moist; a symbol of fornication and absolute womanhood.
I am big…

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