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Moving On

I am sorry for my recent absence; I have an overwhelming urge to reach for new heights, to spread myself across the stratosphere and escape from the confines of the duality of my own psyche. Some of you may have read my article on Allvoices about Stephen Fry. Like many other people, I felt compelled to articulate my regard for the bravest of celebrities and master of the ceremonial self. Stephen has opened-up the dialogue about mental health and Britain has responded affirmatively. For this, I am grateful and have been moved by the many articles I have been privileged to read responding to his disclosure. Stigma against those with mental health issues should be challenged from within and transmitted throughout.
In my pursuit of world domination(!), I have been kindly offered the opportunity to blog for another site. Henceforth, you will, also, be able to read my work on ARTIFICE COMICS. Later today, I plan to write an introductory post and a poem. You are welcome to read my post or even subscribe, if you like the site. Thus, I must, now, bid you farewell…until my next post and say a big thank you to Lisa Knight(reflective poet) for giving me a chance!


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