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Like the sun that shines
Before an impending storm
A human form was born
A human form-me.
In the womb-like embrace
Of a life
Where the possibility of death
Had lovingly impressed
Its effect on my soul’s reality
During nine months spent
Without paying rent
In the most luxurious of places-
The space between nothingness and being
And the all seeing prophecy
Misinterpreted tracts
On deliverance and delivery.
How warm was I?
How safe was I?
How many times had I immersed
The worst
Of the world beyond?
A sense in which existence had gone wrong.
Having treasured
The pleasure
Of a Mother’s pride
Wrapped inside
A historic moment
In which she surrendered her body
To produce me
I proceeded to assimilate
Her anxiety state.
An organic reaction
To the relationship of kinship
Pain became
Part of my pathology.
Thus, I entered the world
In a mixed state
A screaming hole
In the bipolar
“Things will get better
When you get older”
Of pseudo-humanity.
What became of me?
I read a book
And took to writing poetry.

If you enjoyed this poem, you may be interested in reading my novella, The General Paralysis of Sanity. It is available on amazon and from my publisher, Chipmunkapublishing. If anyone has read it, I would be grateful for any feedback. Keep reading…and writing!


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