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Would you get into Bed with a Tory?

It was announced today that, Margaret Thatcher, Lady of the iron heart, had vacated her mortal coil and moved to pastures new. Whether these pastures caress her soul in eternal fire or cleanse her spirit as the purification of redemption, will remain unknown to those left behind; left behind to gather the remains of a country undermined by the politics of selfishness and free market ideology. A country, whose downfall I would trace back to the 1980’s, when she resided as Prime Minister and the devil incarnate. I would like to believe, however, in the existence of divine justice; what goes around, comes around. She who shits on beauty will drown in her own detritus. Thatcher shat on the values I hold dear, her legacy remains in the fragmented Britain of 2013.
Her death could not have been more useful to The State than if the Conservative Party, themselves, had planned it. For, it diverted the country from the much more pressing political issue of today, the introduction of a new welfare benefit to replace Disability Living Allowance. I mentioned benefit cuts in a previous post and their effect upon sick and disabled people; significantly, this was my least viewed post. Disability is not cool or sexy…and neither are politics. Politics, however, determine the nature of social reality, which we all re-produce-even those, like myself, who have denied its existence. Thus, I believe, that we should activate our ability to choose and opt to build a better, more egalitarian State, led by the will of the people and not a political party, which represents bad faith.


4 thoughts on “Would you get into Bed with a Tory?

  1. Well put. I am fairly new to the UK myself (I immigrated here in March of 2007 and obtained my citizenship in July 2011), it is very painful to watch the Tories of now follow in the questionable policies of then with a hefty dash of failed American policies of the Reagen era. Such is life when fear is used as such a lever to make people go after easy targets past the point they too have become an easy target. :/

    • Thanks for liking my post. I knew when I wrote it that many would disapprove of the content. However, I feel that I should always be true to myself and the principles I espouse. I am very concerned about modern Britain and greatly saddened by the erosion of that which I believed to have been the positive traditions and institutions of my home nation. The establishment of the British Welfare State was our greatest post-war achievement now, we are witnessing the Tories dismantle it. If I were 20 years old I would be demonstrating! Unfortunately, I no longer have the capacity for outward shows of rebellion and will, thus, do what I do best, these days, write about truth, as I perceive it!

      • Writing is still making an effort, and any effort is to be celebrated. Well, as long as it isn’t the Facebook slacktivism meme, but I think most would agree that barely counts for anything.

  2. The deceased madam had an awful lot to do with unleashing and unfettering estate agents, bankers and no win no fee ambulance chasers among others, all of whom have had a somewhat deleterious effect on my country. I’ll never forgive her either for a decade of falling tombstones and doom. I empathise with her close family and feel for their loss but she was a very, very public figure and as such I feel entitled to voice my opinion, which is that I hope she is buried with a stake through her chest (I won’t say “heart”) and in a mirror-lined coffin.

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