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My Life: The Road to being Published

There is a widely held conception that everybody, “has a book, in them.” Whilst this could not be more true, most people do not write that book. I have spent my life desirous to fulfil my ambition to become a writer. Never content to be a just a person who scribbled poems upon the backs of envelopes and delineated my thoughts in notebooks framed in psychedelic doodles, I yearned for the validation of my creative spirit and to see my name in print. Now, that I have achieved this, I know that I will do so many more times. This is the beginning of a new stage in my life, a life from which I used to hide, in shame.
My first novel, “The General Paralysis of Sanity,” started life as an exercise in catharsis. Years ago, after my last and particularly traumatic admission to a psychiatric hospital, I released my pain in literary productivity. Writing my novel became a forum for encoding my negative experiences in the guise of the creation of a character who was blatantly not myself. Although not autobiographical, my novel borrowed and reconstituted elements of myself. Writing it was not always easy but, after each session on my laptop I felt rewarded and more self-confident than before I had started.
Lifestyle changes meant that I moved location and ended up living across the borders in Scotland, where serendipity surfaced and I started to see a psychiatrist who was unusually literary in his interests. Not only was Dr H interested in my novel, he actually wanted to read it. Thus, began the tides of change…
He seemed genuinely surprised that someone with my history of psychiatric suffering should be capable of writing with lucid insight about the nature of mental distress. I have always believed that he suspected that cognitive impairment would undermine my literary ability but, I have been determined not to allow my “illness” to destroy, “the real me.” Dr H claimed that my work should be published and, subsequently, gave me the details of the foremost publisher of books by people who have experienced mental health problems. I emailed my book to Chipmunkapublishing and, the rest, as they say, is history.
Today, I not only await the imminent publication of my first collection of poetry, I am, also, engaged in writing another novel. In fact I am re-engaged with life.


5 thoughts on “My Life: The Road to being Published

  1. Congratulations on the publication of your book! How marvelous to have found a therapist to have given you a rainbow bridge to a publisher allowing you to publish your novel. I am also in therapy with a women who is friends with a famous writer. I can only pray when I am ready she will allow me to pass my work onto her for a read and perhaps (dear God, let it be so!) she will like my work enough to lend me a hand. I have also been where you are mentally speaking though I have severe recurrent depressive episodes. I have lived with six recurrences of cancer after a tumultuous childhood. I, too, and beginning a new life as a writer after only dreaming of becoming one for decades. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for extending your hand in friendship to me through the New Yorker Times. Best regards, Anna

    • Thanks for your lovely comment. Feedback like yours makes it all seem worthwhile. Good luck with your writing. I would suggest that you look up CHIPMUNKAPUBLISHING online. Please feel free to contact me via facebook or twitter.

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