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Fate or Coincidence?

Without boring you with the details, a simple memory lapse, last night, may have saved from me from unintentional electrocution. Had I carried out my usual bedtime routine, I might, now, be with former comrades of the psychiatric couch in the great asylum in the sky. Thus, I, subsequently, lay in bed, thanking the God(s) for smiling upon me, for projecting through my psyche the power of self-expression and creating for me a soma, with which to experience that which is concrete. Or, maybe, my survival had been attributable to coincidence. Either way, I am glad to be here tonight, writing my blog and speaking to beings I do not know, about matters which, only fools claim to understand. I am not a fool, but I like pretending to be! Why not join me and pretend that you understand, too.


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