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Are we that which we Perceive?

A therapist once said that psychosis lies not in a symptom, but in one’s reaction to the symptom.

Until recently I secretly perceived myself as a victim; a victim of nature, a victim of circumstance, a victim of life, mostly, however, I perceived myself as a victim of the mental health system. Gradually, I began to realise that I was a victim of nothing, but my own perceptions. Thus, I altered my INTERPRETATION of my perceptions and began to reconstruct myself.
I believe that it can be easier to inhabit the security and certainty of the volatile ground of distress than risk traveling to new and foreign territory. In the past I attempted to fly with leaden wings, whose heaviness emanated from my own lack of insight. Henceforth, I shall attempt the flight of a feather, only touching clouds with elevation.

I have a voice straining to be heard. If you hear it, look beyond and think outside of “labels.”


4 thoughts on “Are we that which we Perceive?

    • Thanks for liking my post. Sometimes, we all have to move on. My policy is to be myself and try to be kind to others; if others don’t accept me, it’s okay. In the immortal words of a French drag queen “I am what I am!”

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