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Cardinal Sins?

Call me a “liberal softy,” for I have been burdened by experiencing a touch of sadness about the plight of Cardinal Keith O’Brien. Replacing my initial outrage by the remarks he made against equal marriage and gay people, is a sense of embarrassment that in 2013, people should be so appalled by his admissions of homosexual practice(?).
I cannot overstate the following: Although I am not a Catholic, I fully support the rights of all people to follow their chosen religious/spiritual paths. However, whist it was in accordance with the doctrine of the Catholic church, for the Cardinal to resign from his post, I believe that all people, regardless of religion, should practice greater empathy towards those who, for multitudinous reasons, feel unable to open their closet doors and proclaim their sexuality to a world, which can be more judgemental than accepting of “difference.”
I am particularly concerned about the welfare of lesbians and gay men whose desire for social acceptance, often leads to self-destructive urges and lifestyles. Suicide rates among gay men in the U.K. are particularly high and homophobia is a factor in substance addiction and the psychological distress of many in the LGBT community.
Whilst social equality seems to all rightful thinking cynics a utopian dream, accepting those whose lifestyles do not correspond with our own is essential, if we are to build a more egalitarian world, based on the model of liberal democracy.


4 thoughts on “Cardinal Sins?

  1. It’s weird, right? On the one hand, he’s part of the prosecution. On the other hand, he’s probably just a very confused, unhappy man. It’s hard not to feel for the guy.

  2. I’m afraid I can’t work up any sympathy for high ranking clerics who suddenly find themselves at the pointed end of their own, well-honed, nasty weapons. Any man who rises in the ranks of the Church has accepted all its rotteness for many years. Probably had to get many a parish priest out of the clutches of the law, covered up and whitewashed his share of child abusers and sex offenders in dog collars. The church doesn’t want gays or women. Let the gays and the women show the church they don’t want it. Who needs the church anyway? I was brought up a Catholic and left as soon as I reached the age of reason.

    • I was brought up a protestant and left the church as soon as my Mother decided that I was old enough to “know” my own mind. I hate all State represented religiosity but struggle to free myself of Christian symbolism. My poetry reflects my struggle. As a voice of sexual fluidity and women I sympathise with your viewpoint.

      • It helps to have only had Catholicism to contend with. it’s so wrapped up in paganism if you scratch the symbolism deep enough you find all sort of refreshingly easy to understand roots. Catholics don’t have any truck with the Bible. We have the Holy Family and a mass of saints for the carrot and the papal fuhrer and his gauleiters for the stick. I think Protestantism must be more difficult to cast off as God plays so much more of a part in it.

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