Home » mental health » Philip K. Dick envy (Strapping on his Exegesis)

Philip K. Dick envy (Strapping on his Exegesis)

Hand me some amphetamines and maybe I will write with the speed, fluidity and ease of Philip K. Dick. For my pen is sick with the disease of writers block, induced by a reduction in its intake of unhealthy stimuli and a rejection of manly cock. I have spent the last few days behind a smoke screen of self-pity, my withdrawal from my writerly desk reflecting nicotine withdrawal and caffeine underdose. Thus, I am, currently, contemplating why there has never been a serious analysis of the relationship between writing and smoking. Maybe, when a writer is clean, she cannot write and, when dirty, she has better “things” to do at night than analyse habitual “givens.”
Denying existence is a life choice. Smoking may nullify one’s audible voice, however, it expresses the power of the word, “no,” in symbol and deed. Whilst I am cautious about inappropriate representations of affirmation, the word “yes,” now, whispers upon my breath.

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