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To Smoke or not to Smoke?

This is the question…
Is it better to feed my addiction
than impede my creativity?
Why has it been three days since I wrote a post? Because I have stopped smoking!
On Sunday night, I inhaled my last drag of a cigarrette. Presently, at six o’clock on Wednesday morning, I am inhaling the sweet smell of despair. In an hour the shop around the corner will open. In an hour I could experience bliss; nicotine filling my lungs with cancerous caresses, yielding diseases like a whore of the mouth. However, I am resistant to the pulling power of a whore, choosing, rather to walk my own path. Celibacy is synonymous with selfhood, celibacy says no to more propositions than sex. But, I am weak and have desires which could satisfied; I fancy a fag.

Currently, there is much debate about whether patients in psychiatric hospitals should be allowed to smoke on wards. Perhaps, if medical practitioners were more attentive to issues relating to the physical health of people affected by mental health problems, there would be fewer patients dependent on cigarrettes. Perhaps, a more holistic approach should be introduced. Surely, in the long term addressing these issues would save the N.H.S. money.


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