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Today’s asides.

Anyone who remembers clause 28 etc will be aware of the Tories record on homophobia. However, despite David Cameron’s dubious motivation, he has supported the introduction of a law with which I, and, I hope, most other people agree-same sex marriage. About time, too!

I have recently discovered that some psychiatrists are supporting the use of ketamine for treating certain psychiatric disorders. I am no expert on the chemical constituents of the brain, but surely treating people with bipolar disorder with a drug which actually induces “highs” comparable with those symptomatic of the condition, suggests false logic.

I am reminded of the use in the 1960’s of L.S.D treatment for people affected by schizophrenia. If you were affected by this or have met anyone who has been, you will be aware of the effects this had on those unfortunate enough to have undergone such treatment.

Finally, in regard to yesterday’s blog about benefit cuts, I wondered how many other people have had to endure commentaries at bus stops etc by people, determined to spread bile about “benefit scroungers” who are too lazy to work. It seems to me that the government is operating a divide and rule policy against the working class, with those just above benefit level turning against those who claim them. Maybe, your experiences suggest otherwise.  


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