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Living the plot

It is six in the morning, a rainy February and my cat has woken me, again. I am so tired that I am yawning from balls of my feet upwards. Oh well, Linus is now outside embarking on today’s feline adventures and I’m here drowning in pepsi max and cigarette smoke.

Yesterday, I had a day “off” and visited the cinema to watch Life of Pi. I am very fond of the novel and was curious to see how a book, previously considered to be unfilmable, had been adapted for the big screen. Although flawed (what film is not) Ang Lee has not done a bad job.

Were I to evaluate my week I would say that it has been tiring. I am writing a second novel and forever thinking about where the plot will lead me and the characters I have created. It is markedly different from my usual work, being for the childrens market and more commercial than that which I usually produce. Nevertheless, it is challenging in its own way, requiring me immerse myself into the mindset of a 12 year old girl and thus, produce an authentic voice.

On Thursday I accepted my publisher’s final proof of my first novel. Having spent my life dreaming of becoming a novelist, I have, finally, done it. My route has been a little longer and bumpier than some, but the outcome has made it worthwhile. I believe that I was born to write and, in a sense I am self-textualising my existence apriori. Perhaps, this seems over-deterministic, but I have always felt that the book had been written before a lived the plot!

I hear the call of pepsi max and another cigarette, and it is time for Linus’ breakfast. Thus, off I trot, to indulge in my usual unhealthy pursuits. Remember…the light!


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